Mysore Pak


What you will need: 

  • 2 Cups Besan (i.e. Garbanzo Bean Flour)
  • 4 cups Ghee or Olive Oil
  • 4 cups of sugar
  • Water

How you make it:

  1. Fry the dry flour in a pan until it turns a shade of nice gold
  2. Melt butter to make 4 cups of ghee or use Olive Oil instead for a healthier alternative
  3. Put 4 cups of sugar in a large, non-stick pan (preferably with high edges)
  4. Add enough water to the sugar for it to be immersed and create a syrup. Adding too much water can take more time than necessary. Let it simmer.
  5. While the sugar solution is heating up, take the fried flour and pour it on a clean surface. I used clean, dry, newspaper, since that will do just fine (GO GREEN!) and poured my dry flour onto the newspaper.
  6. Then roll out all the lumps in the flour with a rolling pin (I guess you can use another substitute to get rid of the lumps if you don’t own a rolling pin…the pestle in a mortar and pestle set?)
  7. Now, we need to test the consistency of the sugar solution. To do this, take a small plate or container with a little water in it. Take a spatula and put a couple of drops of the sugar solution into this small plate. It should not mix with the water. You should be able to see a string of sugar solution form inside the small plate of water. That is how you know the sugar solution is ready.
  8. Add the fried besan flour into the sugar solution and stir.
  9. Slowly add the 4 cups of ghee or oil.
  10. Stir fast and stir like CRAZY.
  11. Keep stirring and make sure the mix doesn’t stock to the bottom of the pan. The point of the stirring is to make the oil in the mix resurface to the top.
  12. Once your arms have had a good work out, and you can see that the mix now has a more hole-y texture rather than a smooth texture, and the oil has resurfaced, it is ready to be poured.
  13. Pour the mix into a pre-oiled container. And cut it into pieces while it is still soft.
  14. Let it harden.

Post-Cooking Suggestions: 

  • You can use less sugar and I think it will be just fine.
  • You can also add flax-seeds or any other small seeds for more texture if you would like.
  • And make sure you keep stirring. You cannot take a break while stirring. Or else you’re going to have to stir a lot faster because the flour will start to harden and the oil will start seeping back in.
  • This may seem like a lot of steps to make this sweet, but it actually didn’t feel too bad. It was easier than I would have thought it to be.

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